Bed Bug

By buckdiddy

Marietta was lost and confused. She traveled high and low, far and wide and yet she could not find her family. No Uncle Seth, no brother Jo-Jo, not even curmudgeonly curmudged Grandpa Stephan.

Marietta sat at the edge of the bed weeping. She was contemplating the end of her life quite seriously. A loud thunderous rage suddenly occured. The bed was now shook and Marietta scurried for some cover.

She became disoriented and tumbled off the side of the bed. Marietta clung for her life when a shutter of sound perked her attention.

"Marietta! Marietta!" said a far familiar voice.

Marietta look as high as she could. She saw the giant who was shaking the bed. The giant's leg was close to her and there she saw her Grandpa Stephan.

"Jump and grab my hand Marietta!" exclaimed Grandpa.

"But I'm scared!" Marietta shouted back.

Grandpa smiled and said, "We're all afraid sometimes."

Marietta smiled back and replied back with a swift jump. She was grasped by Grandpa Stephan.

They crawled up the giant's leg and Marietta slowly saw the popping out of each of her family members. There was mother and father, Jo-Jo and Uncle Seth. Everyone was there and everyone rejoiced.

Quite long but I got a bedbug infection and it inspired me a tad. :)

Bed Bug

Created: Jul 23, 2010


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