Spaghetti Grasses

By lavieestbelle

We spin in great concentric circles
Then we paint the moon bright purple
Oh the stars illuminate
Like angels peeking through the sky

We skip and dance amidst the meadow
Spaghetti grasses eat my toes
And while my feet are being consumed
I raise my head up high and look

Into your starlit glassy eyes
It’s amazing how close they resemble
The marbles that shot down my wooden slide
Oh how they clinked and clattered
Being ordinary marbles
But I bet your eyes are softer
Soft like homemade applesauce

And suddenly your hand’s in mine
We sit together on a cloud of
Twinkling, twirling fuzzy lights
The vibrant city glistening

We’re slipping downward through the rain
And find ourselves upon a peak where
Snowflakes kiss my Rudolph nose
And then you kiss my Rudolph nose

Your lips yield nicely to my nose
It’s amazing how close they resemble
The pillows where I rest my head at night
They squish beneath my head
Being ordinary pillows
But I know your lips are warmer
Warm like white hot chocolate

Spaghetti Grasses

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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