The Fallen Angels

By Id1218

This poem I wrote sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a friend. I tend to think about existential questions and philosophies when I'm alone. In this poem I compare our frail existences to that of angels cast out of heaven. Even though we aspire to great heights ie regaining our wings and returning to heaven we are often oblivious that our lives on earth and everything around us is beautiful no matter how brief and fragile. Every brief existence and experience is a miracle in and of itself. Again I'm not a professional but I hope you guys enjoy!

“The Fallen Angels”

Cast out from heaven
We reside on earth
We are the fallen angels

Exiles of paradise
Our wings clipped
Never to fly again
Dirtied and muddied we roam
Wandering aimlessly
Like vagabonds
Through the seemingly endless nights and days

Though wingless
Our hearts begin to feel
The earth has become our mentor
The cold winters beget sadness
The nurturing spring blooms love
The summer sun brings happiness
The autumn harvest yields contentedness

Cursed bodies succumb to time
Our existence now brief
Time teaches us the beauty of life
From children to men
Every experience is treasured
Everyday becomes a gift
No two lives the same
Each unique

Cast out from heaven
We reside on earth
We are the fallen angels
We are human
We are miracles

The Fallen Angels

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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