The Wolf and The Moon

By Id1218

This is just a poem I wrote about a girl who saved me from being consumed by my darkness during some tough times in my life. I know its amateurish but hope you guys like it.

The Wolf and the Moon:

Lost in the darkness, the wolf staggers
Separated from the pack
Loneliness stabs his heart like daggers
Pain keeps him on the attack
The Darkness is taking him over
Clouding his sense of judgment
The isolation keeps him sober
Losing sight of himself, the vagrant
Begins his descent into

Wary of the shadowy masses
Cautiously making his way
His soul is slowly burning to ashes
He wonders “How can I stay?
This uncertain hostile world drives me
Towards complete destruction”
He came upon a cliff by the sea
Resolved to jump, “There’s no salvation”
The waves crashed upon the rocks

At that moment a flash pierced the night.
Staring back with such sadness,
His face reflected by the moonlight.
He decreed “I will end this
Cycle of despair and agony.”
This light had revealed the truth
“So blind, to have missed so much beauty
My visage has become so uncouth.”
Never before had he seen such

The Moon’s beauty was so surreal
She had shown the wolf the world
Her soft and gentle light made him feel
Alive, his sealed ego unfurled
He slowly begins to open up
And she lends him a kind ear
He howls ecstatically like a pup
Telling her all his stories without fear
Because he had given her his

The Wolf and The Moon

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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