dark room

By therosieshmosie

I was once in a dark room
So dark I was blind
Feeling my way around
It was no way to live.
As much as I wanted to get out
There was no escaping
And so I never thought I’d live again.
“Why try?” I asked
“No point.” I said
Until a thin light beamed
Straight through the middle of the room.
Still I thought it wasn’t enough
But the light grew brighter.
I stood in the darkness
Watching the diameter of the spotlight grow
Right before my eyes
Yet still doubtful and still hopeless.
My heavy heart weighed me down
I had no more strength to feel.
But this light, this shimmery light
Continued to grow towards my direction.
With each second, this light was inching towards me
And the closer it came, the stronger I felt.
This light started to consume me.
I could feel this power
Flowing through my veins
And completely cleansing my heart.
It was a feeling like no other;
I was fully restored.

dark room

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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