By 808Kiley

Alex was always superstitious. Every woman on her mother’s side was. No scissors were found on the bed. No hats either. No hats were worn in the house and no umbrellas were opened inside. Alex followed every rule to the “T.” The most important rule that Alex followed was the witching hour rule. Her mom told her to be sound asleep before 3 am. For years Alex listened to her mother, but one night, she couldn’t sleep.
Alex woke up at 2:37 am. She didn’t know why she woke up, but she was wide awake. Alex did everything she could to go back to sleep, but nothing was working. Fearful, Alex watched the clock’s glow in the dark hands moved slowly. As the time got closer to 3, Alex grew colder. She wrapped herself tightly in the blanket, but it didn’t help. She curled up into a ball and pushed herself to the corner of her bed against the wall, but she wasn’t getting any warmer. 2:59. Alex felt frozen in place. She wanted to scream for her mom, but she didn’t want her mom up at 3 am either. Alex stuck it out. 3:00.
Alex’s door slowly opened. It wasn’t fully closed, but there was no wind. The door kept opening until it was against the wall. Alex didn’t move. A small bell sounded. It got louder. It was getting closer. Alex wanted to scream. She opened her mouth, but nothing came. The bell grew louder and louder. Alex felt something on the bed now. It made an indentation on her bed near the edge of her blanket. She could feel it. It came closer and the bell grew louder. Alex opened her mouth and almost let out a scream, but something touched her face. It was wet. Alex touched her cheek then stared into the darkness. She gained enough strength to lean over and turn on her lamp.
Velvet, Alex’s puppy sat in front of her. His eyes bright and tail wagging. The bell around his neck dangling. Alex let out a sigh of relief. She patted Velvet on the head, and then stroked his body. Velvet quietly spun in a circle like a cat, then lay down pressed up against Alex’s feet. Alex smiled and moved Velvet and lay down. She pulled Velvet against her stomach and took his bell off. She stuck the bell under her pillow and turned off the light. She covered herself with the blanket and kept one hand on Velvet. Full of comfort, Alex settled down and closed her eyes. She wasn’t quite ready to sleep, but she was getting there.
Jingle, jingle. Alex’s eyes shot open. She felt for the bell under her pillow. It was still there. She felt for Velvet, he was still there. She didn’t own any other pets with bells. Jingle, jingle. The door slammed shut. Alex was frozen.


Created: Jul 22, 2010


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