Legends of Countries

By Piper

I don't know. One reading i love this piece, the next I hate it. Perhaps it is simply time to let go of it. I'm really not sure. At any rate here it is. It's old. May be it just needs new life.

I wanted to send you something
Something beautiful
And everlasting
But then I remembered life ends.
Like some fallen dragon that has snapped its last orange and pink persuasive petal
Or split open like the slowly reseeding effects of time
Perpetrated by some illustrious band of Zapatistas
Lost to histories milieus
Fighting forever frozen in placid fortified structures
Of Aztec and Celtic stone
To give you something like the ever beating heart of Okinawa
Bleeding streams
Leading a meandering wayward pack of wild dogs
Crazy for fear of being discovered as just another
Stationary fool
Calling for circumstance to end
And life to begin
Like a woodpeckers song
Sounding strangely like Mexico
And our little balcony
With those opulent birds
Let Pancho Villa ride again
And for all of El Che’s mistakes
Let his triumphs out way
Let our triumphs out way
So that Paz and Barragan
May dance next to
Tolsa and Siqueiros
While Kahlo plays horn like Miles
And Tolstoy ratata-at’s like Roach
And Quixote sings like Lady Day and Miss Vaughn all at once
Let the spectacle of living continue
The utter ridiculousness of it all
As so many poets have feigned love for it
While ending solemnly alone
With out a word to carry on
Let life be found there
Unless the whole world forgets
Where a revolution begins
And tomorrow
What about tomorrow
Will it spring open
As if breaking away the crust of earth
Pushing green head out of black soil
Spreading rain bowed arms
Wide to embrace the children of past
Solid white blocks
Void of anything remotely human
Gone the violence
Gone the rage
Gone the hatred
Gone the ignorance
Gone the peace
Everything stripped away
As if all of those years of existence were as easy to pull off as layers of clothing
Piece by piece
Leaving them all naked
Giant white blocks
Void of anything remotely
Gone the breasts
Gone the penis
Gone the vagina
Gone all the motherly and fatherly, sisterly and brotherly parts
Gone all the friendly parts
Gone all the friends
Empty the halls of antiquity
For today is the day
Waiting for tomorrow
Only creates that uneasy quite where nothing happens
And yet you always feel something will
As if Cortes never reached the body
Leaving the face unchanged
Throw up the flag of Pancho Villa
And all the other ghosts of revolutionary dreams
Make something better
Say no
Say yes
For today is the day I will find you something
Something beautifully eternal
Letting the face change the body this time
Allowing nature to run its seemingly never ending coarse 12:53pm
While all the books ever written stand up
To dust the neglect off of their exquisite pages
Because they know their art is dying
Slipping away
Sliding down the slope
Greased by the lazy and ignorant hands of technology
And the loss of the family
The loss of passion
The loss of life 1:03pm
The loss of all that once was and ever will be 6/23/07 8:48am
Forget goodbye and hello
Only solace in quietude
Only platitudes in noise
Shouting softly with out thought of hope of roses
And berries straight from the vine of so many romanticized American dreams 8:56am
Buzzing brightly the rough brilliant flash of amber light with titanic momentum
Rocking gentle and unnoticeable waves through the complex
Since ears have run dry
The red cracks long since hardened on fat cheeks
Petrified forever remaining as reminders for blind eyes
Stitched over with the ugliest of human traits
Each thread bringing the world that much closer to
Eternal silence 9:07am
Barking dogs couldn’t wake
The seals from their ominous slumber
Breathing in dust
Forgotten parables
Legends of old men and dragons
Pearls and peacocks
Squawking elegance
Portrayed in movies
And destroyed in life
Never again will man sit with rivers or pray with fish
Never again will man laugh with daffodils or cry with herons
Never again will man run with iguanas or sleep with burros
Never again will man be man
And never again will anything be anything at all 10:40am

Legends of Countries

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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