By BrownieInMotion

I’d rip out my heart and give it to you
and any other organ,
vital or useless like my spleen
(what does that do anyway?),
are yours to have
It doesn’t matter much if you really need it now or just
want to have it for future’s sake;
I’d give you any part of me if it puts
a smile on your face

you can have my unborn children
I killed my dog for you
and gave you my lunch money

I stopped eating because of you
gave up my convictions
cursed my own god

When I look into your eyes
my stomach turns and it’s like
a million fucking butterflies exploded

it’s like tripping on shrooms
an explosion of buttershrooms flying around
in my stomach
an acid inducing side trip
where I’m running through a field of you

that thing where it makes my coronary muscle
beat out of tune

You do that to me


Created: Jul 22, 2010


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