northern line

By lottielue

Stair way to heaven spirals
Up to fresh dirty air.
193 steps up, breath is heavy
Three young sisters, One wise crone
Ascending to the light.
Each step now a mountain
Taking minuets to clime.

To our right a German family
Mirror our movement
Struggling with one grey haired mother
Who, just like ours falls behind.
She is tired now can’t go on
But still she smiles and pushes forward
Up to the streets above.

Almost there now we can see the end
a race between two families
We are winning but then mother stops
The stairs have stolen her breath.
She takes a moment soon regains pace.
weighted feet land , Thud thud thud
On the 193rd step
Over the tannoy the woman announces
A reminder to all customers of the northern line
There are 193 steps in the station
15 stories high
People should use the elevators provided
When escalators are not in use.
We look at each other a smile
One of frustration through gritted teeth
Sweet irony how bitter u taste!
But where hear now cant turn back
So forward and onward we go.

northern line

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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