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By redapplefiend

Ok, this is a story that I started writing one day. I've been gathering ideas for it from experiences at home and traveling around the country. It's unfinished, so anyone have some input? :)

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May 14th
11:30 pm

The moon and stars shone a pale light from the early summer night sky. The lake shimmered in the wake of it. Carter 'Fitz' Fitzgerald stood on the small dock that stretched out over the water, staring up at the stars. He picked out constellations and as he took drags from his cigarette and blew smoke towards them.
Here's what he was thinking:
1) Where the hell is the Big Dipper?
2) God, I can't believe it's graduation tomorrow.
3) Mary.
4) Jesus, you think that I would be able to spot this thing.
5) I'll have to call Angie in the morning. She won't want to miss her baby bro graduate.
6) Mary. I wish you were here.
7) Where the hell is this thing?!!!!
8) But no. You had to move to Los Angeles.
9) Alright. I give up. I can't find this bugger.
10) I have to see you again.

Behind him, the muffled noise of a party drifted down the gravel path and away from the house. It reached his ears just as Annie touched his lower back. "Hi. Wutcha doin?"
Annie, Carters girlfriend of three years, was one of the nicest, coolest, and most understanding people in the world. But she - and Carter knew this - had never truly loved him. But as most teenage romances go, theirs was right in the loop. Of course, it was going to have to end sometime in the near future. And Carter had decided that tonight would be the night.
"Annie, I -,"
She shushed him.
"Carter, before you say anything, there's something I need to tell you," she said, seriously.
"Look..." she sighed, "I know we've been together for a while, and it's been fun, but....." she broke off.
"But what?" Carter asked.
"There's someone else."

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Created: Jul 22, 2010


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