Coconut Monkey

By Cristel

Coconut monkey, playing guitar,
Sitting and staring, through those big beady eyes,
Looping around him, butterflies of every kind,
He looks down beneath him, only a shoe by his side,
He looks up above him, a tree made of glass.
He puts on his hard hat and strums common time,
He takes off his lenses and thinks of that time
When oceans surrounded, and a very sharp knife
Was the defining moment of his long, long life.
Coconut monkey, playing guitar,
Now bees swarm around him,
And just that shoe laying by.
How long could he stand it? Every day, every night?
He schemed to light the candle, but a fire fighter is in sight.
He thought to grab the branches, but they shattered by his pounds.
So he took off his hard hat, and snatched the pot to drink wine,
And what did he find? A long-tailed infant latched to its side.
Coconut monkey now plays his guitar every night,
Cracks a smile at the infant who sits in a shoe by his side.

Coconut Monkey

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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