Moksha Youth


If the world were mine you’d be in the neck of my woods.
But these hollow syllables won’t bring you over here.
Once upon a filmstrip you and me existed.
In perfect harmony we compliment each other’s tone of voice.
The way you’d stare shook my bones.
I couldn’t help but wander near you.
The farther apart we were the more notice I gave to my heart sinking.
The christening of the ship destined to sink was our biggest party.
We never found a reason to hold one another, which was a shame.
I wanted to touch you.
You were so close I could feel you.
It’s sad I’ll never get a chance again.
Beautiful Rita will always be there.
And I’ll remember the feeling of your stare.
We shocked each other in a cement building with no static.
The elegant movement you had made me want to dance every time you walked by.
The deaf tones you produced filled my lungs with butterflies.
Soon their wings fell apart and they fluttered away, just like you.
That night wasn’t supposed to be your last but then again nothing is like expectations.
I curled up upon reading the e-mail that you’d never return to my filmstrip fantasy.
We were beautiful and then we were nothing.
You ruined the songs I bought for the occasion.
I like to pretend your headphones are still cupped over my ears and your eyes are locked to me.
I wish I could unlock them from my mind.
Upon the pictures of your camera was her lovely face.
I realized I couldn’t ever have you.
So that was that.
And you showed up again only to leave.
And now here I sit.
Now here I grieve.

Moksha Youth

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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