Stealin' Away Your Blues

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A song that should have been written 40 or 50 years ago.

I'm from the suburbs where I did my time
Being well-off was my only crime
Now I'm here with some pretty bad news
I've come along to steal away your blues

Got a guitar that I didn't buy
an expensive coat and a trendy tie
I'm gonna make a pretty penny or two
I'm gonna steal away your blues

I've never been homeless, hungry or out of a job, it's true
but I had my heart broken by the girls at my private school
Isn't that enough?

I may be white, but I still got soul
I may not be stone, but I still know how to roll
How'd I make my money? Well, I'll give you a clue
I just gone and stole away your blues
I'm stealin' away your blues
Stealin' away your blues

Created: May 18, 2009

Tags: absurd, blues, acoustic

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