Classic Beauty

By venns

this picture is especially dear to me since it is the first testimony to my lovely 5d mk2's capabilities. this image was shot with a small LED flashlight ONLY! one light handheld by her friend right next to me in my shower.

i came to use the flashlight after my monoblock mysteriously shorted out and killed my modelling light. so i needed to get to the switch in the dark. i took the flashlight and passed the model. stopped. lit her face and started shooting like crazy in ISO 25.600. this picture came out as one of my favourites. i dragged the shutter for effect not because the camera could not handle it. the camera was fine at 1/80th of a sec and f8. so there is that. i still cant believe we pulled it off while i had thousands of euros worth of equipment sitting next to me. we shot about 80 frames in pitch black before i got to the breaker box. more shots to follow.

contribution to gwen's collab SEXY:

Classic Beauty

Created: Jul 22, 2010


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