Not Your Guy

By yali23

My life seems to revolve around your lies
Completely blind to realize you’re a different guy
Someone in disguise

I keep hearing, “He’s a waste of your time, he’s not your guy”
But my heart doesn’t seem to find a reason why

Blood boils with the touch of your skin
This whole being grows weak within
You brush your hands against my hair,
you kiss my lips as if you cared,
you say, “I love you” but it’s like you’re not there
And all that matters is that your body is still here

Most nights are lonely without you by my side
Refusing to acknowledge that you’re with another tonight
I long for a smile, a hug, a kiss, a touch, a stare
That showed me you still care
To prove to everyone you are who I’ve made you to be
You the one that’s made for me

Not Your Guy

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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