take a jump

By tiffuhtheninja

Wake up then get dressed.
No one understands. I'm stressed.
My mouth shut, my temp'rature high.
Too much pressure, so I cry.

No one hears, no one sees.
I pray to God. Oh yes, I plead.
Pathetic, I know it is.
And guess what? I get nothing.
Not even a kiss.

Jump. I took a jump.
The adrenaline pumps.

I'm amazed and I now know.
The fault was my own.
Speak up, speak up. Where were my words?
That's right, I didn't have any or was I just too bored?

Too many to please. Not enough show respect.
I do what I can & I do my best.
Perfection exists in many definitions
because everyone deserves their own opinions.

Our own minds are on lock down, it seems.
But here's the secret: we're all human beings.

take a jump

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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