I think I loved you (poem)

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I needed to vent some pain inside. I'll leave it up to you to enterpret it but please do and tell me...

I would love it if someone (preferably a male) would recite this or maybe if it's possible, make a song out of it. That would be a true honor for me.

The things in parentheses are optional to use or read depending on what flows best.

2009 May 10

In pain you seek
all that you need
I regret what I did
every single deed

In time you see
that what you thought was right was wrong
The hurt inside
is my heart's painful song

Patterns you have
are hard to change
No matter how much you fight
What you want is always out of range

prayers to tell
might be answered sooner than you knew
My tears fall for you
I watch the ground and bow

Run far far away
try to hide from the pain inside
Our worlds are different
but I never saw us collide

No matter where you go
The problems still remain
I fight myself
I hide away in shame

Time will change us
What you need to make it well
time will tell

If I let you go
will you come back to me one day
I will keep standing on my knees
and hold my heart (in my hands) and pray

or will you keep walking
as if we never knew each other
I wanted more
but you didn't bother

I'm not sure I can do this
not without you by my side
I want to embrace you
and restore my pride

How can I live
Alone in the dark where I can't find the light
I have lost my eyes now
I have lost my sight

Because I know
the light is you

time will tell
if I make it
I'm not sure I will
but I will remain here and pray where I sit

If I don't make it please don't miss me
There was nothing you could do
I made my decision
and I followed through

In my heart
I was always true (to you)

I think loved you

Created: May 14, 2009

Tags: poem, heartbreak, heart, oreias

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