New Life Chapter 1

By jakey38

I hope you all like this. It is the first chapter of a book i am writing if you like it i will upload more chapters THANXS for READING
I’m dead; well that’s what I’ve been telling myself these last few months. Everything that’s happened in my life the last few months is because of one person a girl not a girl I loved and not a girl I knew just a girl. This girl has turned my life upside down she’s killed me, my family and friends she has ripped my world apart after what she did, what she did was turn me into a vampire. Yeah vampire. Billy’s my name I’m 18 in six weeks well I would have been 18. I was hoping to go out with my friends get drunk meet some girl but that’s not going to happen now, that’s why I’m stood on top of this building. Yeah I said building I am stood up here on top of a 8 storey building with the wind in my hair and the sun about to rise I’m going to jump I’m going to kill myself for the good of everyone. I jump well not jump more like step, step of the top I can feel the wind in my hair as I fall and then I hit the ground.

Chapter 1 Strangers in the Dark

Freezing: I think when I wake up from another restless night, You see for the last couple of nights I have been having bad dreams, It is me running through a forest with a women screaming in the background and the only thing I can do is keep running, Then I wake up, I wake up to the cold. I take a look at my alarm clock and realise that it is only 4:00 in the morning I quickly pull my hand from the cover and reach under my bed, I tug out a whole new cover from under the bed and wrap it around me, But that’s not the worst part I am already wearing a hat, gloves and a scarf to bed. You see our heater recently broke and we live in Alaska so I guess you can sum up why it is cold. Our town is probably the coldest and the most misriblest of every town in Alaska, It is always cold there is snow everywhere and the worst part is we only get 3-4 hours of Sun a day. As I Pull the second cover over me I start to feel a similar warmness that I don’t feel that often and as the heat begins to elope me I drift back off to sleep ready for the day ahead.

I woke up that morning with the sound of birds chirping outside my window and the light shining through into my eyes, I can barley drag myself out of bed cause I knew as soon as I stepped out of my covers I would turn into and ice cube. As I drag myself out of bed I can feel the cold wind hit me I look around my room for a towel, there is one crumpled up in the corner of my room I walk over and grab it. I trudge into the shower and turn it on. I scream as the freezing cold water hits me that’s when I realise that our heater is broke and that I forgot. I run back into my room and shove on whatever I can find which is, Blue Jeans with rips in them a T-Shirt which say Kiss this on it. I look in the mirror and look at myself, I am tall but not so skinny guy I have long black hair with brown eyes. I grab a Jumper and my gloves and head downstairs. Our house is a pretty big house it has 5 bedrooms, 4 Baths and three storeys. That is because my Mum married a rich business man. When I got to the kitchen I could see Mum cooking breakfast, she loves cook my Mum does she is a professional chef in town she opened her own restaurant about Two years ago she has me help out in weekends. As I walk she says in her loud happy tone
‘Morning honey sleep well’
‘No but I will when the heater is fixed’ I say back
‘Don’t worry the mechanic is coming tomorrow night ok’
I nod and sit down ready for my meal in front of me, Then a loud bang as the front door flies open makes me almost fly off my chair, I settle down and turn my head to see Rob my Step-Dad at the door. Rob is the business man my Mum married about 4 years ago they have been together 7 years, it was 5 years ago my Mum told me that we would be leaving our house in London and moving to Alaska. I didn’t speak to her for two weeks after she told me that. So I had to pack up all my belongings say goodbye to all my friends to live in what can only be described as the worst town in the world. Rob is stood there with logs in his hands for a fire,
‘GOD it is cold out there’ He bellows
‘Aww honey why don’t you come and sit down and have some breakfast’
‘Don’t mind if I do’
Rob is about six foot, he is quite built and has brown hair he always wears a suit except when he is cutting fire wood. I don’t know why he married my Mum she isn’t that pretty, well I am not saying she is ugly she just doesn’t like make up and nice clothes so I guess it doesn’t make her look that nice. She is always wearing baggy clothes like she is stuck in the 60’s. Rob grabs a seat next to me and picks up his hand and pats me on the back whilst saying
‘Good morning son how are you doing’
‘Fine and I told you please don’t call me son’
‘Why not you practically are’ He says
‘No I am not we haven’t bonded enough yet for you to call me that OK’ I say angrily whilst softly.
I hate when he calls me son he isn’t my Dad, But I guess he is the closest thing I have, you see I never knew my Dad, Mum said he ran out on us before I was born and that she never saw him again. But when I was little she would tell me the best stories about him like he was a fighter pilot or a fireman who rescued children from buildings, he became my imaginary hero, I have always hope that one day I would find him and the stories would be true. But when I got older I realised he was just a jerk who couldn’t be bothered with us so I just forgot about him. That was until Mum met Rob and knew that he would try and be a Farther to me so in just kept my distance; I guess I knew that someday he might leave and it is better not to know him than to know him when he leaves. A plate of bacon and eggs comes flying at me as I grab my knife and fork and dig in, a growl comes from underneath the table and I turn my head and notice my dog Baxter sat at my feet wanting food, a second plate comes at me and Mum says
‘Here give this to Baxter he looks hungry’
I grab the plate and put it on the floor and Baxter starts eating it up, Mum got me Baxter about two years ago when I went through a depression stage, He is a Staffordshire bull terrier with Black and White hair, He completely loves me and follows me around all day. One day he followed me to school and attacked one of the teachers, it was a good day. I look at him as he is eating and call him a
‘So Billy what you doing Friday’ Rob says from next to me
‘Well I thought I would go to school for one thing then don’t know’
‘Well I have tickets to the local Hockey team if you want to come with’
‘Naa I can’t busy with homework’ I lied
‘OK then that’s fine’ He looks sad but somehow I don’t really care that much. I turn my head and Mum gives me an angry look and I know what it means. It means you better go otherwise you will be in a world of pain.
‘You know what Rob I guess I could leave my homework to another night’ I say
‘That’s great Billy’
He says whilst smiling
I look at the time and tell Mum and Rob that I have to go; I walk into the hallway and pick up my backpack. As I walk into the porch I put my hat on and my scarf and head out the front door.

Freezing, Is what I scream in my head as I step out the front door, There is snow everywhere that is the problem with living in Alaska there is snow covering every street which makes it freezing cold, As I look down our street I see the neighbours outside shovelling the drive ways, we live on a pretty cosy street there are only two other houses on the street, one owned by an Old lady Mrs Oldman I think her name is, I have never met her myself Mum said that she hasn’t left her house in like 60 years because the love of her life was killed, poor women. Then there is Mr and Mrs Graftey they live at the far end of the street which is a miracle because they have triplets which are 4 years old, so they are always noisy. We don’t live in log houses like some people in the town we live in 3 storey houses all the bricks are red like usual, we have brown shingled roofs. Our house is the only different one we had an extension put on a year ago, I don’t why it is already big enough as it is. The street isn’t a big walk to the bottom probably about a minute to the end, I take my first step and my leg up to my knee is engulfed in snow. It is not usually this high but sometimes when it is a rough night it snows extra hard. I pull my foot out with a hard tug and then drop my other foot in and begin to walk, I walk past Mrs Oldman’s house and see her sat in her window, normally I see her In the mornings, I wave like usual but she doesn’t wave back as usual. I keep walking past her and get to the Graftey’s I see them in their window shouting at their kids to get ready for school they always look so tired but who wouldn’t with 3 kids. I get to the end of the street and cross the road over to Baker’s field,

Baker’s field is about half a mile long and it is always covered in snow, it is surrounded by a forest. I stepped over the fence and landed on the snow, as I landed my feet slipped on a little bit of ice and I went flying head first in the snow.
‘God Damn It’
Was the first thing that came to mind as I was lying in the snow getting soaked in all places, I stood up and brushed myself off and headed on across the field. As I got further into the field I could feel all the ice in my clothes begin to melt and then leak down my body and into my shoes. I shake the rest of the snow off me and keep walking. I get to the edge of the forest and inside it is dark; this is because all the snow stays on top of the trees creating a blanket of snow so little light can get through. I step in and chill goes up my back, again I shake it off and keep walking. Then from behind me I hear the cracking of twigs and spin round quickly, but there was no-one there, I kept walking and it began again every step I took there was a step behind me. I tried not to turn around again hoping to catch whoever was there. Without stopping I turned again, but again there was no one there. I started walking quicker and so did whoever was behind me. I could see light at the end of the forest and started walking quicker to get there fast before whoever was following caught up with me. I finally reached the forest’s edge and quickly stood in the light and turned round. I stood there for a second and took a look at the forest then suddenly someone ran past; I saw a dark figure run through the forest and then disappeared right in front of me. I stood there for a second shivering realising someone was stalking me and then it hit me if I was in the forest any longer I might not be here right now. My whole body began to shake and I came out of my trance. I turned around and looked across the fence surround the field and could see the top of my school. I headed for the school.

As I got to the school everything was quiet I guess everyone is just inside, The parking lot is full of cars, everyone in our school drives except for me I refuse to drive in the weather we get it is a recipe for disaster. As I head through the parking lot and up to the tall brown building which is our school. The huge windows were all closed to keep heat inside and most blinds on the windows were shut. There were a few windows on the Fourth floor open and the blinds hanging out the windows. I head up to the Hugh double doors and into the building that will shape my future. When I step inside everything changes from peace and quiet to screaming and crying and not just from the teachers. Students everywhere talking and chatting and bashing each other about, I push myself through the crowds to try and get to the cafeteria where my friends are waiting, Zack and Lisa are my best friends we met when I first moved here Five years ago,

I was about 12 when we met and it was on my first day of school, I was lost from all the people and couldn’t find my locker, I bumped into the two of them and they offered to show me the ropes. Who to stay away from, who to befriend and what teachers not to piss off.

I pushed my way past the last person and fell into the cafeteria, it is a big place with about 20 Six seated tables all over the place I look around for Zack and Lisa and see them at the end of the room in the corner at our usual table. I make my way over when I suddenly bump into HER...
‘What the hell are you doing Freak’ Lucy Jensen screams at me
‘I I I’ I stutter
‘What Freaks disease got tongue’ she says in a sarcastic tone
I look up at her trying to think what to say, She stands about 5 centimetres taller than me and is always wearing her cheerleading outfit, her blonde hair reflects the light from the room and her pale skin makes her seem like a ghost, she has green eyes which I guess means she is envious of someone.
‘What can you not speak now; guess this must be the best day of my life’
‘I am sorry Ok can I just get past’ I say trying to avoid a scene
‘Ok then’ She says then steps aside
I am literally afraid to walk past her encase she does something but thankfully she doesn’t and rush away quickly. I keep my eye on Zack and Lisa heading straight for them, Zack is sat there with a book in his hand his long thin fingers holding it up, Zack is pretty skinny for his age I always told him to eat more, he has short brown hair, and his black eyes focused on his book. Lisa is sat opposite Him she is short and has dyed Red hair with Blue stripes in it, her blue eyes always shine in a nice day and her face has delicate features which she covers up with her long hair and glasses.
‘Hey Guys’ I say as I finally reach the table
‘Urgh’ Zack mumbles without looking up from his book
‘Don’t bother trying to talk to Him he has been engulfed in that book all morning’ Lisa says in her usual quiet soft tone
‘Really what is it?’
‘Harry Potter’
I laugh as I say
‘I sent he like 10 years late in discovering them’
‘Yeah well apparently the first film was on last night and he went out and bought all the books’
‘Oh that is sort of a little sad Oww’ I screech as he punches me and says
‘I might be engulfed in this book but I can still hear you’ He says in his creaky tone of voice
‘Sorry I just thought everyone else in the world seems to have discovered them, I give it a week before you find out how it ends’
‘Oh if someone spoils these books for me I will kill them I mean it’
I actually believed him for a minute there until he began laughing. His laughs were cut short when the bell rang for our first class of the day Chemistry.
‘Come on then guys I don’t want to be late’ Lisa rushes
Lisa is a complete geek, but when it comes to it she can be a great help for homework. As we get up everyone else does at the same time and it is a stampede to get out the door, This is the part of the morning I hate it is worse than gym class you get pushed, kicked and sometime even knocked to the floor and stood on it is like feeding time at the zoo. It takes us about 10 minutes to get out of the cafeteria door and then another 15 to get to class. Our chem. Class is on the 3rd floor at the back end of the school, the room we work in has a Hugh window and you can see almost the entire town. We get to class and take our usual seats at the back of the room, Mr Dawson comes in about 5 minutes late, and He puts his bags down and then stands in front of the class,
‘QUIET’ He screams to the entire class and everyone shuts up and looks up front
‘Thank you now can everyone get out their presentations for reactivity of the elements please and I will be calling on you one by one to give urs’
Everyone’s bags begin to rustle as workbooks come flying out; USB’s get pulled out of pockets and crumbled sheets of paper from pockets,
‘Lisa’ I hear from the front of the room and I look at Lisa’s face and it lights up as she jumps out of her chair runs to the front.
‘Ok I know we were only given three days for this but I did 10 pages of a PowerPoint so please sit back and get ready to learn’ She beams
I look at her stood up at the front talking and pointing at the screen then I turn my head at Zack who has a hugh grin on his face, Zack fancies Lisa he always has I knew it from the moment I met them he is always looking at her and complimenting her I am surprised that Lisa hasn’t figured it out yet. She stops talking and Zack sits right up,
‘Lisa that was great’
‘Thanks Zack’
She sits down and puts all her stuff away Mr Dawson then shouts for another person to come. The three of us sit there just staring at everyone else and writing things down. The bell rings for the end of the lesson and everyone rushes else, Our next lesson is right on the bottom floor and is Algebra with Mrs Gleeson, after these lessons we have History, English Lit, Geography and the study of Human evolution, The study of Human Evolution is my favourite lesson because it is with Mr Francis, He is the best teacher and is always funny, we learn quite a lot in our lessons such as humans were once apes, He also has to teach us that God created Humans as not to offend anyone but who cares right as long as you’re having fun. After that lesson the bell rings for the end of the day and the three of us set off for the parking lot, we exit the double doors and head to Zack’s car.
‘You know Billy you should really get a car’
‘No thanks Zack I would rather stay alive’
‘Well suite yourself you need a lift home I am dropping Lisa off’
‘Naa I think I will be ok see you two tomorrow’
I wave bye to the two of them as they get in Zack’s car and speed off round the corner, I decided not to tell them about this morning just in case it was just my mind playing tricks on me. But I decided just to be safe I will take the long way home today, so I set off home hoping to just crawl into a nice warm bed when I get there.

I get halfway home when it begins to get dark, It get dark quick in our town around 4:30 and then by 5:30 it is pitch black, I get into the middle of town and head to the supermarket to get some food for later. As I get to the supermarket I grab a basket and head in. Buzzing it is all the Moms and their kids in baskets and all the depressed teenagers stood next to them all glum. I head straight to the frozen foods section where I grab a Lasagne; I head to the crisps and sweets next to get some goodies and other stuff. At the checkout there is a Mother and her children in front of me, the child is grabbing things off of the rails that are always next to the checkout and putting them in the trolley while the mother is shouting at the child to stop it. I simile a little just watching them and try to remember when I would do that, then I went sad again as I started remembering London and all my friends, I hated moving here it was so cold on my first night that I thought I was going to die, But then Rob bought an Industrial Heater to heat the entire house, after that I never wanted to leave cause I was so warm then school started, Everything began to get better since I met Zack and Lisa, but there are still those moments I feel down about being here.
‘Can I help you’ I hear which pulls me out of my trance,
I look down and the checkout girl is there
‘Oh yeah sorry just thinking’
.About what’ she says as she begins to scan my items
‘My old life’ I say back
‘Yeah was it good’
‘It was alright I guess can’t complain’ I say and give her a smile
‘Well that is $8.95’
I hand her a 10 and she gives me my change, I bag my stuff up and walk out of the store. I step out of the store and it pitch black, I start heading up the street home, after about 10 minutes I hear footsteps again, I freeze in my spot as the feet freeze behind me, As I slowly turn around I look up the street there is no one there just the glare of street lights and shop window lights. I shake myself and begin to keep walking; the footsteps don’t come back now until I get out of the high street. I begin to walk down and ally when I get to the end I stop and quickly turn and a Figure is stood there.....................................................


Watching me that figure just stood in front of me is just stood there not moving just watching. I freeze up as the figure watches me I keep expecting it to talk or to run at me but it just stays there, then it begins to move the feet just step one by one coming towards me I know I should move that I should run but I can’t I just can’t move. As it gets closer I drop my hopping and just watch. Closer and closer it begins to get then without warning it lunges at me, I scream and fall to the ground, My eyes closed as I hit the ground, I just lay waiting for someone to hit or stab me, But nothing happens I slowly open my eyes and there is nothing there. My mind begins to think as I wonder what happened, was it my mind, and was it real I don’t what happened. I just quickly grab my stuff and head home, as I start running home every five minutes I keep looking behind just to make sure. After 25 minutes of looking and running I finally get to my front door and rush in.

‘Hello’ I screamed as I pounded through the front door,
‘In here honey’ Mum calls from the living room
Walk in and she is all dressed up and stands there for a moment and look at her and how she has changed, Her hair has been let down and straightened, she is wearing a red cocktail dress, with black shoes on her feet.
‘Wow Mum you look amazing what’s the occasion’
‘What you mean you forgot, its mine and Robs wedding 5 year wedding anniversary’ She says to me.
OMG I completely forgot I thought I didn’t even get them anything,
‘Wow Five years I say’ trying to make it seem I didn’t forget
‘So honey did you get us anything’
‘Yeah I err I err did its Erm’
‘The dinner he bought us the dinner’ I hear from the hallway
I turn around and Rob is stood there in a suit
‘Yeah Mum that right I bought you the dinner’
‘Oh honey thank you’ she says as she leans in to hug me
‘Ok Shelia lets go or we are going to be late’ Rob says while gesturing to the door
Mum grabs her coat and goes to the door
‘I will wait in the car ok’
‘OK then’
‘Thanks Rob’ I say as Mum leaves
‘It’s ok Billy don’t worry Now you know the rules of being home alone
Home alone I think, should I tell him about the Stranger in the dark or what, NO I shouldn’t don’t want to ruin their night.
‘Yeah I know now you two go have a good time, I say whilst trying to hide my frightening look.
‘Ok so we will be back late OK and don’t stay up to late’
‘I won’t don’t worry’
He grabs his coat and leaves; I keep thinking about what he did and thinking maybe I should give him a chance. The feeling shakes as I realise I am home alone. At that moment I hear a noise from upstairs. I turn around quickly and look up the stairs, It is dark as I start to walk up slowly, I have my hand reached looking for the light switch, As I turn the light on the noise happens again it sounds like someone moving around in Mums room. As I get closer to the door my hand reaches out as the sounds get louder, my hand reaches the handle I pull it down, with one swift motion I push the door open and he jumps out at me so fast.
‘ARGH’ I scream as Baxter jumps up at me and I fall to the floor. He stands on top of me licking my face
‘Get off me Baxter’
I scream as I am trying to push him off. I stand up as he sits down on the landing
‘Stupid Dog’ I moan to him
I turn away from him and head back down stairs, before I go down I start going in and out of the rooms making sure all the windows are shut and locked. I head downstairs an make sure the doors are locked. After that I head to the kitchen to prepare my dinner. I stick the lasagne I bought in the freezer and pull out some soup. I turn on the TV in the living room and TIVO on for the latest Family Guy. As I sit there watching Family Guy whilst eating my soup, Baxter is curled up in a ball in front of the fireplace. I finch my soup and put it in the kitchen when I hear a noise from outside. I walk into the living room and stand at the window, I grab hold of the curtains pull them open, and then my heart literally stops as I freeze right where I am looking out. Outside stood under the street light all dressed in black is the Stranger in the Dark. A shiver runs down my spine as I am stood there looking out my window at the figure stood staring at me, I quickly close the curtains and run to the phone.
‘Hello 911 what is you emergency’
An operator says on the other
I quickly look out the window again and the figure is gone.
‘It doesn’t matter sorry to bother you’
I hang up the phone and realise that my mind has been playing tricks on me all day, it must have come to me earlier this figure keeps disappearing so fast that it must be my imagination. I laugh in my head and sit town and turn the channel over to HBO, As I sit watching TV the thoughts of the figure begin to disappear, About 2 hours go bye and I begin to feel tired, I switch the TV off and growl to Baxter to come upstairs, When I got to my room on the Third floor I went into the bathroom and started to get washed, When I came out into my room which is covered with film posters, I have a couple of book shelves which are a full of books, My bed is a double bed and it is right beside my desk with my computer on it. As I crawl into bed I switch on my flat screen TV and see if there are any good films on. I can’t find anything on Tele so I switch it off and get into bed, Baxter comes running in my room and jumps onto the bottom of my bed. I fell straight asleep, I woke up a couple hours later to the sound of the door being banged on, at that moment I got up and went to the stairway. I only went halfway down, just enough so I could see the door. The handle was being turned and pulled and it sounded like someone was kicking it. I ran straight down and pushed the door
‘Stop it whoever you are OK just leave me alone’ I screamed to whoever was out there
Then it got worse whoever was out there was kicking the door, and then it stopped. I crawled over to the window and sat under it for a minute trying to pick up the courage to look out. I slowly looked up and put my hands on the curtains, I quickly pulled them open,
I yelled there stood right outside my window was a Man wearing a balaclava; He was just staring at me.
‘LEAVE ME ALONE’ I screamed at him
Then his hand went up and smashed through the window grabbing me trying to pull me out. I kept hitting but his grip was getting tighter, I began screaming for help but no-one came. He almost had me out the window when Baxter came running down barking at him. He jumped at the man and got his teeth gripped on the man’s arm; he screamed and let me go. I dropped to the floor, I quickly jumped up and ran to the stairs I tripped on my way to the stairs but then I got straight back up, before I went up the stairs I screamed for Baxter to come with me. He let his grip go and came running he almost knocked me over as he went running up the stairs. I took one look back and the man was climbing in the window and ran straight up to the Third floor and straight into my room. I shut the door behind me and put the chain on and fell to the floor. I stayed quiet and listening, He began walking up the stairs I could hear his feet taking one step at a time as he was getting closer is feet got louder. I sat there crying I could see Baxter cowering under my bed. A loud bang on the door sent me flying across my room, I I ran back to the door as the poundings got louder, I could see my door was about to fall down, then it did. The door pounded the ground and I looked up at the figure that slowly walked into my room
‘Please leave me alone’ I cried
Then he came running at me at grabbed me.
Then I woke up screaming, there was sweat running down my head and I was really hot, there was all over the bed, Mum came running in.
‘OMG honey are you ok what happened’ She grabbed hold of me and held me close.
‘I just had a bad dream that’s all’ I said back
‘A bad dream about what’
‘Nothing Mum I ok’
She hugged me again and went back to bed I lay back down and wiped the sweat of my head. I just lay there for ages thinking about my dream and even worse thinking what would have happened if it wasn’t a dream. I then closed my eyes and went back to sleep hoping not to dream about the Stranger In the Dark....

New Life Chapter 1

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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