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By The Culling

I had an idea of combing this as spoken word over music
! was 12
It was 1979.I was 12 and so were you.We met at Disneyland.It was in line for Space Mountain ,that I saw you.You with your cousin and me with my best friend.Don't know what made me ask if you wanted to ride with us,especially since i was not outgoing when it came to girls.Having just recently discovered they were no longer annoying beings whose sole purpose was to be tormented by me.We talked a little as we inched towards the ride.You weren't from California but that was ok,because you had beautiful eyes and you smelled so good.The ride zipped,zagged,dogded and dipped .All I remember is the feel of you as you'd press back against me,and the joyful screams that seemed to catch even you by surprise. I didn't want the ride to end.Much to my pleasure you both decided to continue to spend whatever time left at the park with us.Memories of pride I felt come to me as I recall the feelings i received from getting you a Hat with your name put on it After several line waits,conversations and rides it happened .We kissed.It was Better than Hot wheels ,candy and football all wrapped into one.We held hands after that and further enjoyed each others presence.All was well until we heard her name called And in much the same manner it began,so it ended.For her father was at the other end of that call,He was not happy.She slowly and nervously let her hand release from mine and they left me and my friend to rejoin their family after glancing back at me and saying goodbye.As they disappeared amongst the masses,my bud starts with the whole "her dads racist" thing because we were black and they were not.I knew better though .He just wasn't thrilled seeing the apple of his eye with this young punk. For we both knew she was special.And so with a pain in my heart ,knowing I'd never see her again . I finally turned my gaze away from the direction they disappeared in.We went back to Space Mountain,I did not ask anyone else to ride with me again,because she had beautiful eyes and she smelled so good.

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Created: Jul 21, 2010

Tags: over, story, ambient music, spoken, word, voice

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