Fear of the Unknown

By itsmethatsit

This is just a short rhyming story I wrote when I couldnt fall asleep which I think would be really cool to illustrate or to make into some sort of live action with a narrator. Thoughts?

Be careful what you catch

Shaun and Sally saw a starry eyed Halle walking down the street one day
“What happened to your eyes” they yelped with surprise for they hardly knew what to say.
“I caught the love bug” cooed Halle like a dove as closer to the pair she came
“Stay back!” they cried, for surely they would die, if they were to fall under this ‘bugs’ sway.

So they found a large bag, on the details they were, admittedly, vague, they just knew that they had to assist
They pulled it over Halle’s head and whisked her off to her bed, and Halle (for lack of a better word) was pissed
Shaun and Sally thought and they fought and they came up with naught but the knowledge that they had no clue
So for the good of the nations, for the world and all of creation, Halle and the world could no longer coexist.

Isolation was the only option, a necessary precaution, the two told themselves as they gagged and tied Halle to the bed
They would care for her from a far, feed her food from a jar with a spoon a good 15 feet in length made of lead
They cut a hole in the door, and made sure the door was secure for they didn’t know what to expect
From this bug that did take up a place, a rather small space, near the eyes in their beloved friends head.

For days they faithfully observed, placing mice in for they were too unnerved and wouldn’t enter the room for themselves
Days turned to weeks, and Halle’s future looked bleak as they scoured and searched the bookshelves
Nothing they found, but on the upside the mice were safe and sound so they knew what Halle had wasn’t contagious
So they entered her room, vowing to untie her soon, for there was still many a test in which they needed to delve

Weeks turned into years, poking and prodding they did tear it seems at the very fabric of her soul
But nothing could they find that would lead them to define what Halle did so many years ago extol
However what Shaun and Sally did come to learn was that years of fear can turn love into something quite not like love at all
And their ignorance and fear left them without the care of their dear friend whom they had come to control

It came as no surprise when she passed; the starry eyed one at last came to a peace she had been denied in life
So weak she had become her heart yearning for the one she had been bitten by which had caused this strife
Shaun and Sally decided that fire, a great big pyre was best to get rid of the body
Not knowing their former friend, this body they did once try to defend, had been destined to be a wife.

But before they burned their friend, they did yearn to comprehend what had taken refuge behind her eyes
So they measured and they cut piece by piece they did gut examining every little sliver for the spy
Nothing did they find, at least nothing so divine as to warrant any notice from the two
Then they put her back together, with a string they had to tether their need for an answer meant they let nothing get by.

Halle burned for a short while, for she had withered to a pile of nothing more than skin and bones
Then the pieces they did bury in an impromptu cemetery in the backyard under some stones
They thought of days past when innocence did last with a warmness natural to their nature
They had nothing to fear, fir the past is crystal clear,
It is the future we must fear, fear the unknown.

Fear of the Unknown

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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