By ArisNajeeb

I am doomed to, directed to, destined for hell
I am digressing too far to be helped
So I will melt
For eternity
For I will not join a fraternity
Without a hint of certainty
That there is a god above
That kills yet loves
While he kills, he wears gloves
Leaves no trace
How do I believe in a being without seeing a face
To me it's a disgrace
This masked monopoly
That we call religion
This mass hypocrisy
Priests preach perfect policies
While they commit atrocities
Lie, cheat, steal, molest
Doesn't this suggest
That all fanatics
Have followers
Under arrest
With handcuffs of fear
Fear of what lies at the end of our years
We beg for answers to our questions
We instill impressions
Of non-believers
That they are evil
If they sin they are sent to satan
But since you obey this organization
You are safe
You may repent
Since you believe
In the scrolls that were sent
By "our heavenly father"
"Hallowed be thy name"
Well to me it's a damn shame
That you can blame
And you can judge
While you claim
That god is the only judge
I don't hold a grudge
I respect your beliefs
Until you disrespect mine
You can't read my mind
Yet I feel people hate
Claim that I have no faith
When I have more than you
You see, since I see no proof
I do not believe what you do
I am risking eternal doom
So if there is a hell,
Make some room
For I will relay my honesty
Before I obey your policy


Created: Jul 21, 2010


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