So Much

By mimsicle

”You make me feel so much,” he said with the gentlest of voices. She brushed his cheek, fascinated by the crevice between his face and the left side of his nose. They were in the house for some time, possibly 4 hours. Friends and strangers gather in the house. A celebration, celebrating what, she doesn’t know. She wore a white dress, he in a black suit, very dapper. They’d been in the same circles for a little more that a year, although upon first meeting him, it felt like she’d known him for a long time. Forever or eternity, perhaps, but what are those things, truly. She felt her presence caused a stir within him. She was comforted and surprised by what he said. Previous conversations included baseball facts and impressions, their shared love for the city and his inability with keeping plants alive. Suddenly, he left and within seconds she fell into a deep sleep. For all that hope provides, true love was her wish and upon waking, she realized he was nowhere to be found. In her waking life, her first state of sleep, she had distant visions of other people in the house. Two friends, later told her the house was built in her honor and it was the cause for celebration.

So Much

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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