The Twist

By StylesOfUnkown

What A Twist Should Look Like..
I didn't know what to do. I didn't realize I killed him until I heard the sound he made.
He was half crying and bleeding, every little emotion inside of him seemed to seep out like liquid. I just stood over him, confused and amazed at the sight of true death.
I saw every last breath come out of him, until he could breathe no more.
He didn't get up and walk away, this was no Lazaurus rising from the dead.
So I hid his body, ashamed that I couldn't treasure it & save it like a trophy.
Walking to the car I had forgot to wipe away the blood from the floor, so I turned
around. But by then it was too late, everything was gone. My world of imagination
had dissapeared before me, and there was the voice of mom calling me in for dinner.
I had to take one more quick glance into the garage to make sure I had made all of this up, and surely the garage was as old and dusty as I remember it. Some stained floors sure, but other than that, a garage fit for the creativity of a eleven year-old.
So I walked into the house and sat down,
"I cleaned up that awful mess you made in the garage, poor boy," croaked my mom.
"What mess?"

The Twist

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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