Love is to the Anatomist

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Love, Collab, story

I remember when I was 11, I went to tea at my best friend's neighbour's house and the story she told us of how she met her husband and how they refound each other after so many years and in a diffrent country....and the story always stuck with me I guess it's a contributing part of what I think love is to me. Her husband is the Anatomist in this story!

He sat in the park
Most days
Malted brown bread and tuna
With the crusts cut off by the caterer

He spoke about locations of the body
Some made him blush
making his voice but a whisper
Others made him crazy with delight

Such as
His beloved thoracic cavity
With its,
In his words not mine,
lungs like guards
At each side
To the sweet heart in the middle

Created: May 07, 2009

Tags: old love, story, love collab

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