My Pocket/Bag Autopsy!

By velocities

I lack a functional scanner in my house, so I had to use my digital camera.

Items I found:

1. Ivy Insiders Book - Yes, still out to hone those SAT skills. This is actually my second time taking the course. I hope to hit at least 1900.

2. A highlighter for the obvious task of highlighting.

3. A penny. I always get too lazy to put them in my wallet so I just dump it in my bag.
4. My $3 H&M scarf I got on sale. Love it!

5. Victoria's Secret hand sanitizer. I usually ask guys, "Hey, you want some hand sanitizer?" And when they agree, I quickly squeeze a bunch on their hands before they notice it smells like "pure seduction". Then they tell me, "I smell like a girl now, thanks."

6. My license that I BARELY use because I never drive (even though I have my own car)

7. School ID and expired Six Flags Big Four Pass

8. My lovely Coby mp3 player. I prefer it over my Ipod.

9. Hamtaro wallet

10. A notebook

11. Pencils

My Pocket/Bag Autopsy!

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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