RE: Love Trinkets

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This collab inspired me, but at this late hour I don't have the means to work with audio or video, so here's a stream of consciousness, arguably a poem (from the girl who rarely writes poetry, go figure my first two RECords are poems). Excuse the slightly jaded tone, my exes had a way of trying to "buy" my love with material objects.

"Re: Love Trinkets"

To wear or not to wear
That is the question.
Beautiful jewelry, innocent enough

On it's own.

Gifts to buy my love.

The earrings from Josh,
After only a week,
Before the real abuse began.

The bracelet from Eric
Celebrating one year together
and two months before we fell apart.

Can I separate the items from the events?
From the boys who did me wrong?

Which is stronger:
My love of all things shiny and bright?
Or my disgust over past mistakes?

A few can stay.
They pass the cut.
Pearl earrings;
I'd have bought them myself if he didn't.
Theater necklace charm;
His mother picked it out,
And the symbol means more than the gift-giver.

I won't let the shadows of my past
Rule over me like they once did
Or ruin my love of these trinkets
From those I once loved.

For the rest,
An old shoe box.
Forgotten and buried
Like the memories.

Created: Jul 21, 2010


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