Sugartown Traders

By Joe

Klepto-cross-dressing horror shot in Lawrence, Kansas on the 4th of July with Mysterious Skin novelist Scott Heim We RECorded this July 4th, 2003. Dan helped me put up the first iteration of on May 7, 2005. All it was was a page with the logo and a link to download a quicktime video of this RECord. This was before YouTube was much of a thing, you see, so if you wanted to put a video up on the internet, you needed your own website.

So here, on hitRECord's fourth anniversary, I'm reReleasing it on v3:


7 may 2005 Since Scott Heim set his novel, Mysterious Skin, in Kansas, where he grew up, and I had never been there, I figured I should go, and he should show me around. I brought my video camera because Gregg wanted to see the real life places that inspired the book and thus the script, and because, even though Scott insisted there was no such thing as a Kansas accent, I wanted to record people talking in Kansas accents. And because I generally feel more comfortable when I know the video camera [...incomplete, bad data migration :o( ]

Sugartown Traders

Created: May 07, 2009

Tags: lipstick, Mysterious Skin, kansas, jesus, fireworks, 4th of july, cross dress, murder

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