The Mikvah of Masada

By ManWithHat

A ritual bath with a view.

In Judaism, there is a ritual where one bathes for spiritual cleansingL the mikvah. Probably where baptism comes from. As is the way with Judaism, there is a very specific structure the bath must have.

This picture was taken from the mikvah on top of Masada, an old fort on top of a plateau in southern Israel. It was the last stronghold of Judeans as the Romans conquered them. The Romans built a ramp of dirt and stone to reach the gate. When the Romans busted in, they found only the dead. The Judeans had drawn lots and killed each other rather than submit.

The mikvah there is still kosher according to Jewish law. Some things never change.

The Mikvah of Masada

Created: May 05, 2009

Tags: judaism, masada, israel, bath, mikvah

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