By juliagoolia_xo

Once upon a time
not so far from here and now
it was decreed that humans would live no longer than 37,869,120,000 heat beats.
The TICKers were installed
to count these beats
And everybody watched at their lives
ticked away.
People stopped running.
They stopped laughing.
And loving.
And feeling.
For no one wanted to waste a single beat
of that now limited heart.
But--what is wasting?
Is it living in confinement for 100 years
or fully and freely for a mere 50?
Is life the act of breathing
or is it what comes between each breath--
The running.
The laughing.
The loving.
The feeling.
Once upon a time,
People became afraid of wasting a single heartbeat.
They wasted their lives away.


Created: Jul 21, 2010


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