Lil Sumthin v3

By Palm

Tick-tock, alarm clock going
Offer everything you've ever got for
A taste of the truth that stops
Every second of your life lost
While not knowing this life is not
The one and only life we've got

No shock - when the clock stops
Your heartbeat shrieks, reaches speeds beyond imagining
Without streets, it screeches and screams through
Crimson streams of the strings that move the body
Only wanting one thing:
To keep the heartbeat singing and the beat continuing

They say that life is a dream
So where are all the dreamers at?
If you can hear me, raise your drink
And have a dream on me
So where are all my dreamers at?
Show support for creativity
And revel in your reveries

I am a poet tree
Bearing fruit in rhyme for the world to eat
Come, dine with me
As words are served like hours dourves
and Swerve round the curves of ya nerves
Its absurd - I'll disturb everything you've ever heard
Open your mind to other worlds with each ineffable word
Only wanting one thing:
To keep the beat continuing

Lil Sumthin v3

Created: Jul 20, 2010


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