By SwissmissE

I fell in love when I was four
I didn't remember his face anymore
Only traits that I love and long for
The physical beings became such a bore

I began to play out my love at a very young age
Barbie, Disney, and Girls in a cage

But one thing I knew was that I was not Gay
There was something I missed that seemed far away

I travelled the world to find that magic someone
Until I was in Hong Kong and realized what i'd done
I was running from what I hate and love
Someone that took away that magic dove

To help me fly far into space
Where maybe we can find a brand new race
At this point it is sure worth the chace

I have come this far and didn't know why
The thought of my troubles makes me want to cry
But little did I know, is that I am NOT that shy
So "Hi" ;)



Created: Jul 20, 2010


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