A Vigil in Heaven

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I wrote this in 2003 when I was 16. I don't write much poetry, but of all the little scribblings I've come up with, I am most proud of this. Possibly because it is so uncharacteristic of me that I hardly recognize it as my own.

I feel like a lot could be done with this. Set it to animation, or photos, or video, etc. I'll probably do an audio recording later. In the meantime, I'd like to see where others' creativity take it.

A Vigil in Heaven

On the anniversary of 9/11
The angels held a vigil in heaven
For the people that they used to know
But were forced to leave far down below.
For their family and all their friends,
And for the troops their nation sends.
They gathered together to remember me and you
While we gather together to remember them too.

Created: Jul 20, 2010


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