By Joe

Wanted hitRECord to be the first to know about my newer new job.

It's true, this site is NOT about my professional acting career. We've had many a discussion (mostly on the old v2 Forum) about how we're not trying to make a "fan site". Even writing those words makes me a little embarassed.

So this isn't that. But I'm just really excited and wanted you guys to know. Before starting work for Mr. Nolan, I'm doing this independent film called HESHER. I love it. Don't wanna tell you too much about it, specifically, because personally, I prefer watching movies that I don't yet know much about. I will say that the director is named Spencer Susser, and he's the genuine article. Natalie Portman is producing and playing a part, and I think it goes without saying how cool that is. And I've taken up smoking for the temporary time being -- sorry kids!

And there's another reason I wanted to break this news here among the hitRECorders. In the 20th Century, in the Old Media, actors (or any other type of artists) didn't have a direct dialogue with their audience. They had to go through the press. Well times have changed, and I gotta say, I much prefer it this way. I think the Hollywood Reporter is going to report on this story tomorrow, and I'm super grateful, and they're awesome for doing that. Still, it feels good to speak for myself.

again by heart

PS--been sorely lacking an internet connection at home for a week or so now. Supposed to remedy tomorrow, and looking forward to returning to the reRECording with everybody...


Created: Apr 29, 2009

Tags: act, news, brag, job, thanks, hesher, celebrate

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