By Foley

This was a story I first wrote in 6th grade and used it in a 7th an 8th grade class. It made my classmates laugh but my teachers werent big fans of it. Put your input into it and tweak it how you'd like.


It was Danny Do's first day of 7th grade and he was not realy ready to go to school, so he went to the zoo. He went to the monkey cage and looked around and he saw nothing. So he opened up the cage and went in, SLAM! The door slammed closed and locked behind him. He was trapped! The sign on the door read 'DO NO ENTER, MONKEYS ARE VICIOUS'

"Oh, fudge," Danny said in disbelief. He turned around and saw a monkey. The monkey was foaming at the mouth! Danny got up and ran but the monkey jumped on him and attacked him. Soon more monkeys came and a zookeeper passing by saw the chaos and freed him.

"I should be more careful, no concrete" Danny said to himself. Then he remembered he had to get to school. So Danny ran there and saw his new teacher, Mr. Screwed, the former Ebenezer Scrooge (but without money, a house,or dignity)

"Hello, worthless student. Sit down," Mr. Screwed said. So Danny sat on the floor, his fellow students looked on with amazement.


"Hey! My name is Danny, not 'Mr. Smartypants." he said as he got a chair and then sat on the floor, the teacher was ready to blow.

"NO!!!!! YOU WORTHLESS MIDGET, GO GET A CHAIR AND SIT ON THE CHAIR!!!!!" Mr. Screwed screamed at the top of his lungs. So Danny got a chair and sat on it.

"Ok class today we will....." Mr. Screwed started.
"Class is dismissed go home losers!" Mr. Screwed said.

When Danny got home his mom was standing there and she looked mad.
"DANNY! I got a phone call from your teacher today, go sit down so we can talk about this." His mom shreiked. Danny got down on the floor and sat cross-legged.

"No! I mean..... never mind just don't act like a smart aleck in front of me!" she yelled to him.

"Im not trying to be a smart aleck!!" Danny replied

"Then what are you trying to be?" His mom asked.

"I'm trying to be concrete"

"Danny, we already have taken you to Dr. Jones about you thinking that you would turn concrete"

"No mom, concrete"

"Did you just listen to what I said?"

"Yes, and i mean the other concrete"

"DANNY GO UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW!" his mom yelled at the top of her lungs. Danny went up the stairs, a few hours later his mom went to check on him. But she ran into Danny who was standing on the top step.

"What are you doing?" his mom asked.

"Nothing, why?" he replied.

"Alrighty then..... are you hungry?" she asked.

"No I'm Danny," he said.

His mom threw her hands up in the air and walked downstairs and yelled. "That's it your punished!!".

The next morning he walked to school but when he walked into the classroom he was greeted by a female teacher.

"Hi! I'm Ms. Sunshine or you can call me Ms. S," said his new teacher.

"Hi Ms. Sunshine or you can call me Ms. S," said Danny as nicely as he could.

"Well aren't you a funny boy,"Ms.Sunshine said to Danny.

"No, I'm Danny," he replied.

"Okay then, class I want someone to say the alphabet," Ms. Sunshine asked the class.

"Danny? How about you?" Ms. Sunshine asked Danny.

"Ok, the alphabet," he replied.

"Yes, say it,"

"The alphabet"

"No! recite the alphabet," Ms. Sunshine was getting aggravated.

"I said it already, but I'll say it again the alphabet!" Danny's voice rose.

"Never mind just say the ABC's," Ms.Sunshine, had not given up yet.

"The Abc's," Danny stated.

"Class is this a prank?" Ms. Sunshine questioned the class.

"Hey I'm Danny, not A. Prank!!" Danny was now yelling.

'That's it go to the office now!!!!" she said. Danny walked out of the classroom and left to go to his dad's office in Hartford (he lives in Ottawa, Canada). At the end of the school day Ms.Sunshine paged the front office and asked them if Danny was there.

They responded, "No"


"Class is dismissed" Ms.Sunshine told the class, and then she called Danny's mom.

"Hello this is the Do residence. May I help you?" Danny's mom answered.

"Is this the mother of Danny Do?" asked Ms.Sunshine.

"Yes, why?"

"Does your husband work in an office?"

"Yes in Hartford, why is this a survey? Is Danny there?" Danny's mom blurted out.

"No and no, But! Danny might be in Hartford." she replied.


"Hello Mrs. Do? Are you there?"

After Danny's day long journey he arrived at the St. Lawrence Seaway, and jumped in. Immediately an enormous wave knocked him out. When he woke up he was in Hartford but people were staring at him like he was an alien.

"Well, that was quick" Danny thought to himself. He began looking around and eventually found his dad's office. He ran right in and straight to his father.

"Hi dad' Danny exclaimed.

"Danny?!" his dad said in disbelief.

"Who do you think I am, Santa?" Danny said.

"No it's just why are you here?" his dad asked.

"The teacher told me to come here." he replied.

"Ok....." his dad started.

"RING! RING! RING!" the phone rang.

"Hold on a second I need to answer the phone" his dad said a bit overwhelmed.

"Hello?" his dad said into the phone.

"Daniel? It's me Danielle, is Danny there?" his mom said.

"Ummm, yes he is"

"Put him on the phone"

"Hello?" Danny asked.

"Well, you need to get home right away you have a surprise waiting for you" his mom said.

Danny got home as fast as possible and walked in the door.

"Surprise!" his family yelled "Happy Graduation!"

"Huh?" Danny said in shock.

"The school said you passed 7th grade because you were so smart or that you were annoying and the wanted to send you to the middle school," his mom said "Well that doesn't matter we're just happy for you." Danny was amazed and wondered who would be his new teacher? The next day Danny ran to school in 3 seconds flat. When he entered the class room he saw his new teacher and his new teacher saw him.

"NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the teacher yelled,"WHY ME?????"
"Danny I'm sorry but you need to fix yourself, your failing school and the teacher's call me everyday to tell me about what you did wrong in class" she said, "I'm sick of it change your ways or find a new family"


Created: Jul 20, 2010


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