The Secrets of Egypt

By dukermooney

What if one man controlled a histories worth of secrets and another man had spent his whole life trying to find the secrets.

The large, bronze church doors slammed open and the frantic man searched the church with an almost hunger in his eyes. He spotted who he came for. Rushing in covered in mud, sweat, and blood, possibly his own, he grabbed the man who had been kneeling at one of the pews towards the front of the church.
“Elijah Randle?” The man questioned out of breath.
“Yes. Are you ok?” Elijah stood from his pew and answered with concern.
“I am now. The answers you seek are located at the Spivlovian Gate. Find the gate and you will have your answers.” The man had barely gotten out the final syllable when he collapsed face down onto the pew. The impact made a loud thud that Elijah he looked down stunned at the now still man. His thoughts raced, who was this man lying unconscious and why had he said that? “The answers you seek are located at the Spivlovian Gate.” He repeated it over and over in his head trying to understand what it meant.
Elijah had been searching for answers but how did this stranger, he had never crossed paths with, know information like that? Elijah thought quickly, “I have to wake this man up.”
He reached down grabbing the man under his arms heaving his limp, heavy body onto the pew face up. He was not a large man but moving him while unconscious or worse, maybe dead, was no easy task. Blood ran down the man’s face from his where his forehead had hit the pew. Elijah pulled out his blue handkerchief from his back pocket and gently wiped the blood away. Elijah reached with his right hand to check the strangers pulse. Elijah could feel his own heart racing which made it difficult find the strangers.
“Spivlovian Gate. Spivlovian gate.” He repeated over and over in his head as he looked the stranger up and down for any signs of life. He didn’t know what it meant. In all his years of research and study he had never remember coming across this phrase. Elijah had read nearly every religious and spiritual text ever written and never had seen these two words together. There were many gates throughout history which multiple religions held sacred but the Spivlovian Gate was not one of those gates.
Egyptologist friend Teacher of Archeology and history expert in Egyptian lore and history who knows about Spivlovian Gate, Sphinx is hollowed out base for aliens. The Pyramids are the tops of large buildings beneath the sand is a long lost abandoned ancient city, with passages passage’s that lead to and from each Pyramid to and references of the Mayan and Aztec civilization as well as the lost city of Atlantis
An large underground Egyptian tomb/library containing answers from times forgot
Spivlovian Gate
Elijah Randle knelt in the church pew praying. Church had always been a part of his life even before he knew what church was. His parents named him Elijah after the character in the Bible. They were familiar with the names long history and great reverence in the Bible.
Growing up Elijah had always been a curious kid. He asked questions to anyone who would have a conversation with him. He would approach strangers if he felt they were able to give him an answer. His parents always said that he should turn to God for answers and time after time God never answered. Elijah asked and asked but never got any answers.
Elijah thought that the problem was that he did not give himself enough to the church. After graduating college with a degree in history of religion he joined the priesthood. He thought it was the only way to get the answers he was looking for. Ever since he could remember Elijah had not believed that science had not played a bigger part in the universe and that God could create and allow such horrors to go on in the world let alone be the creator of su

The Secrets of Egypt

Created: Jul 20, 2010


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