I'm Gone

By 808Kiley

i've always wondered what ran through your mind
when you were mad
when you gave up
when you saw me

then i figured it out
everything that you thought of
had nothing to do with me
i was barely worth a thought bubble

when you were mad
you shut me out
never opened the door
even when you knew i was there for you

when you gave up
i was by your side
but you pittied yourself
you didnt care that i was your shelter

when you saw me
you thought of her
you looked past me
never at me

but it's the fact
that she wants you gone
im helping you leave that hell hole
but you walk back in

you think you "love" her
i think i "hate" you
but even i know
those are both lies

so next time
think of me
i'll still be here

I'm Gone

Created: Jul 20, 2010


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