Making the Call

By JamesKnight19

Okay well, basically, I liked your concept, so I'm going to expand on that, only in reverse. It's a really rough draft, sorry for any errors, or if it sounds slightly off. I'm running on little sleep, but I wanted to get this draft out there before I lost the idea completely. I hope you enjoy.

Being the loving father that he is, he reads his two little girls bed time stories and tucks them into bed. Leaving the room, he kisses his wife, explaining he has to go to his downstairs office to attend to some work. Tony is an accountant for a huge law firm downtown, and they've recently come into some financial trouble and really required his assistance. Alone in his office he sits, thumbing through pages upon pages of numbers, crunching figures in his head. Suddenly his cell phone begins to go off, an oddity this late at night. Looking at the caller ID, he recognizes the number of the law firms president, London Black

London: Tony, things aren't going well. You know this as well as I do.

Tony: Listen sir, I'm working incredibly hard here, at the office and at home, we'll find a way out of this mess.

London: No, I fear we're too far in the red now. Drastic measures need to be taken, we're not getting enough business you see. Local police forces have made crime rates drop drastically. No crime means no clients. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Tony: Not quite... To me it sounds like, you want there to be crimes, but I don't know why you're calling me to discuss this sir.

London: Tony, you're a lowly accountant, no one in the firm even knows your name. You're nobody. I need a nobody. There's men outside of your house right now, armed, dangerous. Your little girls, I'd hate to see them get hurt. Do we have an agreement?

Tony: You bastard! Don't lay a hand on my girls! I'll... I'll do whatever you want. Just please, don't hurt my family.

The call was made, and now Tony has to decide how he's going to bring business about to his law firm.

Making the Call

Created: Jul 20, 2010


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