Monster Dreaming

By MollyMolly

I had this dream earlier this year.
I was in this big building with many auditoriums. There were many people there and we were all freaking out because there were ‘monster’s’ there. I was very scared and hated running away from them. I was hysterical and my friend was trying to calm me down. I saw a group of people at the top of the auditorium and shouted it out to them. I then ran out into this fancy lobby and underneath the stairs with someone. The monsters came out and found us. They sat down next to us. There were three of them. We talked and I understood that they were nice and treated unfairly for their looks. I liked being on their side now because I had nothing to be afraid of.

In many of my dreams I'm running away from something and I don't know exactly what I'm afraid of or what will happen when I'm caught. This time i did face what i was afraid of and it turned out to be nothing bad at all. I understood my enemy/fear in the dream. that's what we lack in dreams, a complete understanding. (there are times where things makes sense until i wake up) it's happening, but it doesn't make sense which makes it beyond frustrating. Then sometimes i wake up and feel worried or as if something is missing. i remember it was my dream and nothing's wrong or missing. That car chase or free fall never happened and life is the same as always. And much more boring than my dreams.

Monster Dreaming

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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