Summer In the City: Teaser Trailer

By MattConley

Here's an early attempt at a trailer for the live "Summer In the City!" shows in New York City. It's more in the style of a teaser trailer, with minimum details and information.

I have some ideas for future trailers that are definitely more comprehensive. Below is a list of resources that would be really helpful to have so more artists can work on some trailers:

* Video invitation by Joe (similar to the ones for Sundance and SXSW; unedited raw footage would be especially awesome.)
* Official title cards with event information (essentially slides that all have the same font and have the essential details for the shows.)
* And maybe the layers of the official poster so they can be animated.

...just some suggestions.

The itinerary for each show is likely "TBD" but I'm assuming splicing footage from the "Morgans" and "Nebullulaby" into future trailers would be appropriate as those are likely to be screened.

Here are the links to the public domain footage I used:

Third Avenue El:

Aerial Views of Manhattan and Hudson River, New York:

Summer In the City: Teaser Trailer

Created: Jul 19, 2010

Tags: downtown, joseph, new york, curator, train, pianos, jgl, nyc, cutting, city, host, manhattan, 30 seconds, urban, camera, event, font, pov, footage, sky, scratches, remix, public domain, statue, empire state building, statue of liberty, sundance, skyscraper, link, aerial, flash, view, track, views, invitation, photos, shots, hitrecord, 21, love, teaser, colors, tickets, text, club, commercial, 16mm, ad, pink, tv, joseph gordon-levitt, reel, transportation, film, old, summer in the city!, motion, city!, locomotive, poster, ny, trains, bar, retro, taking photos, spot, editing, stock, above, hosting, ticket, cut, start, edit, trailer, joe, zoom, website, fast, movie, projector, 8mm, curate, !, logo, piano's, large, live

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