A Memory is Worth a Thousand Feelings

By TiDog

A thousand pesky memories whiz, zip, and zoom menacingly near the hippocampus region that inhibits Trinity’s brain. Dare she let them enter? And let them sting, pinch, and nudge her in ways that would breech her firewall. She despairs not!

Jet revving, feet pawing, Trinity sped as speedily as she could down the long winding staircase that led to the outer green-infested world. She sought to relieve herself of such accumulating evidence of her past. A stair she misses, and she is sent catapulting through the hot air until, splash! She is engulfed in a vast expanse of whirling, swirling, and bubbling broad strokes of clear gray liquid.

Like an elephant squealing at the sight of a mouse, Trinity resurfaces in a girlishly petrified state. Dress soaked, hair mopped in the pool’s stench, and round droplets of gleaming dissatisfaction begin to haunt this young woman’s gaunt face.

Darkness, black and rigid, pries Trinity’s mind free of any last thoughts of water. Its claustrophobic tool shed of emptiness and impending doom jolts her rather large feet back into action.

As night blends with fear, Trinity’s pulse quickens. Thud, thud, boom, screech! Her heart noisily fusses within her chest.

A clash and rumble follows. She knows that her time is almost up. More resilient than ever, she hurdles herself over her neighbor’s sunshine yellow fence. Flipping off her flip-flops, she heel-bottoms the earthy soil and greenified grass and trails through fields of flowers, splashed with vibrant colors.

Light illuminates the noir sky. And with that flash, a red letter blazes into Trinity’s mind stream. Silly-slapped, she stops, freezing in mid-move.

As guard-up as she had been, her level of smarts were beaten out by Fate’s set decision.

Handsome and refined Fate was. He was glamorously done up from toe to head. His face shone through the unsightly darkness to light the unlit. How wonderfully beautifying this young man was. His presence was calming to the soul, but the mind was unresolved. Through the cage that rattled amid Trinity’s head, stirred distrust and raging anger.

She had dispensed her pickled mind of all things categorized as fortune-uprooting for too long of a decade.

That red lettered F she had once received in class had been spiked to a post and left to decay. Little had Trinity foreseen that these repressed moments she had once experienced in time would rejoin her and her hand-selected memories.

Briefcase in hand and eyes solidly locked onto Trinity’s, Fate unfastens the clasp. Whoosh! A swarm of racing thoughts lingers in the air, buzzing loudly all of Trinity’s most chi-shocking moments.

Age 6. Hand too big to reach her Barbie doll, Trinity’s hand jammed itself into place within the toilet bowl.

Age 12. The pink cheeks of her rear shone like white entering a black-lighted area in the P.E. locker-room. Wearing of the undergarments hadn’t crossed her mind that day.

Age 2. Finger aimed high, nose twitching, and satisfaction guaranteed. She aimed for her nostril and click! a camera flashes. Blackmailed, and by her own brother!

Age 19. College should be easier if friends are acquired. Sorority initiation… skin clothed, Trinity ran amidst crowd-hovering individuals, exhibiting to them her naked bodess.

So many knot-making, stomach-clenching remembrances that Trinity despised.

Red-faced and sullen-eyed, she tried to avoid looking into Fate’s pitch black eyes. They were so deep and analytical. Their eyes catch. His wisdom and intellect are apparent. Through his enticing stare, Trinity saw her life of neglect.

She had lived on happiness alone. Her misery was forgotten and if any anti-pleasant situation arose, she ended its memory. Her life was blissful, but it was empty.

Trinity was brim-boiled with a sudden sadness. Blobs of wetness oozed out of her eyes as she sobbed over feelings that had gone unfelt for so long.

Happy as she had been, life had grown disaster-ridden and yawn-producing. Now, as rocky as it was, Trinity knew that her life had to be lived with the passion and distress that had both imprisoned and freed her.

With a little movement of the lips and a twitch of the corners of the mouth, she smiled a small smile. But the biggest one occurred inside; a smile so deep that it mended her patchy mind by filling the missing sections with tiny pieces of her.

And she lived happily ever after … well, more or less so.

A Memory is Worth a Thousand Feelings

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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