My Fave Movies, Actors and Directors

By Melodious Funk

I have 4 fave films at the moment:

"Vicky Cristina Barcelona" because of the brightness, color, and composition of the cinematography, the dialogue, the lack of a traditional Hollywood ending, the saturation with paintings, music and architecture, the passion of Penelope Cruz, and the dopey glory of Cristina.

"Pickup on South Street" because it hooked me from the first second to the last. It wowed me after I thought I had seen everything and it's about 60 some years old! I love the acting, especially Richard Widmark!! How can someone so grimy be so loveable? Jean Peters is gorgeous! And everyone else does an ace job as well. I could watch it again and again. It's pretty much MOVIE PERFECTION.

"The New World" is about as beautiful a movie as I can imagine existing.

"Irreversible" is probably the most disturbing movie I have seen, but it still feels like the most important in decades. The camera work, the acting, the writing, the fact that it invents a whole new language of film.

My favorite actors are Johnny Depp and Joaquin Phoenix for their burning intensity, and Diane Keaton and Charlie Chaplin for their glowing but subtle mischief.

My fave directors are John Cassavetes and Charlie Chaplin because they loved film so much that they were involved in every aspect and their work is great, Michael Moore because he just keeps getting better and he literally puts his life on the line to make the world a better place through movies. Woody Allen because he is comfortable, and he makes me laugh when I am tired, and because he just keeps getting better. Jane Campion, Krzystof Kieslowski, Terrence Malick, and Abbas Kiarostami, because they are each searching for beauty and capturing it in unique unprecedented ways so that we can set that beauty free in our own hearts and minds when we watch their movies.

My Fave Movies, Actors and Directors

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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