Run, Run and Don't Look Back (If You Stop, This Was All For Nothing)

By TheSerpentTheCharmer

When the love was all but entirely absent. There was something worth chasing down and tying up. You were gone, across the country to the emptiness. And I can still hear you echoing through the gates.While I'm getting dragged down the stairway into the dark. Held up in a house where all the windows have been boarded shut. Nailed down with the vigor of a man broken before his time.

What have I become? Something worth banking on? Or maybe the mire that pulls at your legs, trying to bring you down to the bottom, where all the silt is settling. That's all you'll hear after the surface gives you up for dead. There's not going to be a wake, no funeral for us. Just the scratch marks on the shore that will wash away one day when the tide gets higher. The night the moon decides to push the wake towards the world.

So is this going to be the end for us, a tiny, little motion that brings us cowards to our knees? Because we can only hold on for so long. Fighting back gets old when your fists are bleeding and your knuckles are gone. So we'll put up a cross and you can nail me to it, otherwise this will have all been for naught. Nothing on earth could pull me out of this wreck and so I'll let it burn me down to nothing but bones and ash.

What brought you out of hell this early in the morning? Was it the sun or were you just coming back to finish me off. I'm gut-shot and bleeding out in the dirt, trying to claw my way back home, where I can sleep in peace, where I can lay down my head for the last time. If there is no such thing as a devil with blue eyes, you ought to ask the preacher where his loyalty lies.

If you and I can get away from this, if we can make our escape to a place much safer, than promise me that if I can't make, you'll leave me to die. I don't want anything to do with the horde following behind. Trying to string us up, all the while the nooses just unwind. Blindfolded and placed before a wall pockmarked with holes, our hands bound with rope, all our lovers cloaked in shoals. My final words would sound so strange, as I told them all to go to hell and don't worry, keep the change.

Run, Run and Don't Look Back (If You Stop, This Was All For Nothing)

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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