To Build You A Shrine

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We'll sit together and sigh at the darkness being penetrated by the brightest of lights. Like children riding tandem bicycles through a 1950's still life. A diner abandoned by everyone but the saddest man the world could ever never know. Was this something I made up in my head? Was the sound of your breath a dream that I could never have known while I was asleep?

You know I could never fit the bill that must be paid.

There was a grand opera in the silence and in the light. I won't say that your eyes are deeper than the deepest ocean and I won't say that your hair is reminiscent of nature. I can only say that you are gorgeous in the way that mad men see the sunrise. Complexities unbeknown. Don't be afraid of all the aesthetic things that make up the excuses we lead as lives. Because I've seen you in films and felt you in scores, I'd be a martyr if it would save you in the least.

I can smell the sugar sweet scent of your voice and I tried to hear it in my head, but it never really feels the same as when it's real. I've synthesized the sun so it can shine at all times, I can hold it in a bottle, forever it can be mine. But when it finally dies out and everything grows cold, when the snow becomes ice and hardens the land, we can stand on the permafrost and I will hold your hand.

You've brought this thing to life, this masterful combination of limbs and skin. But there is nothing to look forward to when you are never there. In passing, I can stand in the air that crept through your hair and it will stay still. Everything can hold onto the moment there, gasping and reeling, desperately clutching at the past.

Don't worry about never loving me, because I understand where you are. Atop the mountain that cries out for something more. You know I can't move it for you and you know I am not a saint by any means. But if you keep smiling, if you keep finding me at my worst, I can keep my head up. I can keep the blood moving through my veins.

Just stare me in the eyes one more time, so for a moment, everything can be fine.

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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