Nerdy Girl Rap

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i fell in love with this cute nerd
she makes me so speechless like some kind of a mute perv

i don't, expect much in return for her cute looks
as long as she... don't talk about chemistry books

i gotta find a way, gotta find a way
for you and me to get away, gettin laid

u betta tell your mom u're comin home late
cause tonight u'll be my freaky fucking bed mate

forget about your studies, your A plus grades,
it's time to take a lesson in sex sharades

oh girl you know this is bad

take a good look, what?! you wanna be zoned? you wanna be stoned? you
wanna go home? you wanna get boned? you wanna get fucked?
you can't get away from her, the only way to escape from her
grasp is to let loose of that mask you wear pretending like

you don't care,
but you wanna stay fair,
you can only choose one,
and the other is done!

you know you can't fuck with hearts
you'll tear'em apart
you wanna
take that chance, yea take that chance, to make that move
to play real smooth, and fuck them rules?

Created: Jul 19, 2010

Tags: rap, nerd, girls, girl, nerdy, sexy, rhyme, geeky, geek

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