The Doctors?

By IamVillanueva

When I was a child, I believed nothing could stop me, everything is possible, until the day I had to go to the doctor to get a shot. It was the most terrifying thing I experienced! The shot was a barrier that blocked my road. It was my first time getting a shot and I felt asIf I was dying! I wrote a will letting everyone know that I love them. We go to the doctors and as I wait in the lobby my heart is thumping like no tommorow. My name is called and my eyes grow big and sweat starts to go down my face. I go to the room and we have to wait a couple more minutes before the doctor comes and my whole face is red. I would do anything to get out of that room, I'll break the door and scream! I hear the doctor's footsteps. Each step is a closer to the door, one step closer to the most painful expierience. I did not want to endure this but had no choice, the doctor entered the room and when she readied the needle, I was about to faint. She walks over to me and wets my arm and sticks the needle into my arm. I closed my eyes knowing that this was the end but is amazed, It was over, and I barely felt anything! There was no pain at all! I stood up and hugged the doctor! No more was I afraid and for years to come, these shots were easy to go through, that was until I had to endure....a physical exam! WTF!!

The Doctors?

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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