Running from an Essence

By ravenvalkyrie

----This is about everyday life and running up the stairs-----------------------------------------

The safest haven in the eyes of the owner.
It could just be a normal day where you eat, sleep, drink, and play.
But you never know how that can change.

It’s a curious thing when it does change
The feeling of difference, risk, and having a slight edge.
Is it possible for change to be good?
But is it also possible for it to be bad?

So one day you are walking to your kitchen,
Like any other day,
You hear a noise.

Swiftly you turn around.
You twist your head to view your surroundings.

You open the fridge and take a drink,
Close it.
Another sound.
You turn around.

To your ears there is something.
But to the eyes of the beholder,
It was nothing.

You shuffle back to your room as if nothing has happened.
But in the deep tissues of your mind,
You know…
Something is coming.

You get out of bed to go up the stairs,
To get to your room with televisions and games,
As you are walking up the stairs, you feel it.
A presence, of a man.

You run up the stairs as fast you can,
But the man keeps up,
You slow down to see if it does.
And it follows your every command.

The hair on your neck starts to rise,
The sweat on your face starts to fall.
You run around the house to lose the man,
But it’s still on your tail to no prevail.
You run to the farthest corner of your life,
To the place where you feel most at home,
You sit in the corner waiting for the end.
To this madness that the man has put you through.

Rocking yourself to see if you’re alright,
Thinking that this may not be real.
You feel the presence once again.
You shut your eyes and clench yourself tight.

You pray, cry, and feel angry at this point.
You wish for it to just go away.
The man slithers around your head,
Your arms, legs, and even the edge of your ears.

You start to think,
If the man is here to kill me, then I must see him before he does.
You slowly start to look up.
Just a little peek.

Once you do,
He disappears.
This was the confrontation of the essence.
The essence that is fear.

Running from an Essence

Created: Jul 19, 2010

Tags: journey dream life, homes, nightmare, Fear and loathing

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