The Adventures of Stevie Hancock

By MadisenMusic

The Adventures of Stevie Hancock
By Madisen Ward
(this is only part one)

(This scene starts out at a busy diner early in the morning. A woman working the cash register is cleaning the front counter with cleaning solution and a rag. Next to the register sits a black phone used for people to call in food orders; and next to the phone is a pen and paper. The lady’s nametag reads Elizabeth. As she is cleaning the counter the black phone rings. Elizabeth picks up the phone and answers. The scene remains in the diner and the callers face is not yet revealed)
Elizabeth: Skippy’s Diner, this is Elizabeth how can I help you?
Caller: Hey Elizabeth, I’d like to place an order please.
Elizabeth: Go ahead when you’re ready.
Caller: I would like to order the omelet.
Elizabeth: The supreme or the plain?
Caller: The supreme.
Elizabeth: Hash Browns or bacon?
Caller: Hash Browns.
Elizabeth: Toast or grits?
Caller: Toast.
Elizabeth: Wheat or white?
Caller: Wheat.
Elizabeth: Anything else?
Caller: Do you sell waffles?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Caller: How many come in one order?
Elizabeth: One.
Caller: ONE waffle comes in an order?!
Elizabeth: Yes.
Caller: I’ll take it.
Elizabeth: Would you like syrup?
Caller: What kind of question is that?
Elizabeth: Syrup it is; anything else?
Caller: Do you have any drinks?
Elizabeth: Coffee or juice?
Caller: Juice.
Elizabeth: Pulp?
Caller: A little bit.
Elizabeth: Is that all?
Caller: Yes it is.
Elizabeth: Ok, I just need to get your name please.
Caller: Stevie Hancock.
Elizabeth: Your order will ready in ten minutes Stevie.
Caller: You said ten minutes?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Caller: I’ll be there in eight!
(Stevie immediately hangs up the phone, as the scene has now gone from the diner to the caller’s house. He puts on his blue Chuck Taylor’s one at a time; tying each of them slowly. He goes to his bathroom sink and brushes his teeth, and combs his hair. Stevie is twenty one years old and lives in a one bedroom apartment with no one but his goldfish Johnny Cash. He goes over to the tank and feeds his fish. He puts on a zip up hoodie that he always wears. Grabs his motor scooter and walks outside his door. Now the scene shows Stevie riding his scooter on the sidewalk passing stores and shops. There’s one particular store that catches his eye titled “Barrel of Pets”; which is a pet store that he passes a lot but never goes in. Finally Stevie arrives at the Diner to grab his food. He walks in and looks around at all the people as his scooter rolls in beside him. He immediately spots Elizabeth at the front counter and he walks up to her)
Stevie: You Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Yeah, you Stevie?
Stevie: Yes I am. You’re not as old as I expected. On the phone you sounded a lot older. Do smoke a lot of cigarettes, that kind of stuff?
(Elizabeth squints her eyes as she responds)
Elizabeth: No Stevie, I don’t.
(There is a long pause as they stare at each other)
Stevie: Really?! Wow, because I could’ve sworn that you… are you a little bit sick maybe?
Elizabeth: NO. This is my voice that I was born with Stevie, do you want the food or not?
Stevie: Ok I don’t think that you were BORN with that voice because people would think you were a little demon baby or something but yeah I’ll take the food.
(The scene is now showing Stevie on his Scooter again; riding down the sidewalk with the food in a sack hanging off the right handle. He has wanted to break up with his girlfriend Jane Stapler for the past two weeks; and he thought this morning would be the perfect morning to do it. He arrives at her house and overhears loud arguing coming from the open front door. Jane’s mother was visiting and Stevie could tell that a huge argument had occurred between them. Jane is now partly standing outside with her hand on the doorknob while yelling inside to her mother.
Jane: I don’t care what you think! I know I don’t have much, and I may not have the best job; but you know what I DO have?! A boyfriend who supports whatever I do! And I know he will never leave me! Ok, I’m done!
(Jane slams her own door on her mother and walks down some steps as she notices Stevie there, standing on his scooter)
Jane: Stevie?! I didn’t know you were here. I was just yelling my mother. What’s up?
Stevie: I think we should break up.
(Jane stares at Stevie with a blank look on her face, and then she smiles)
Jane: Ok, that’s very funny Stevie Hancock! Honestly, why are you here?
Stevie: Well I guess the reason that I’m here is because, I got on my scooter this morning, and I thought to myself, that today would be a really good day for us to break up. I suppose that’s why I’m here. Yeah, I’m definitely sure that’s why I’m here.
Jane: Stevie! Stop it! What are you talking about? Why are you telling me this? I just told my mom that I knew you would never leave me!
Stevie: You did?! Oh man, I could break the news to her if you want me to; it’s no trouble at all. Should I do that?
Jane: NO!! Tell me right now why you are breaking up with me?! I want to know!
Stevie: Well it’s pretty complicated Jane; and this food is getting really cold. I’m really sorry.
Jane: Food?!! You bought breakfast first?!! You broke up with me as if I were on some sort of checklist!! Number one: Break up with girlfriend. Number two eat breakfast?!!!
Stevie: Well, actually it would be, Number one: GO GET the breakfast; and then, Number two: break up with Jane, and then Number three, ummm, Eat Breakfast. And that would be where I’m at now on the list.
Jane: Ughhhhh!!!! I can’t believe you Stevie Hancock!!!!
(Jane rushes back up the steps; she walks inside her house and slams her door behind her. Stevie gets back on his scooter and rides away. He rides back to the store that he noticed before; “Barrel of Pets”. He shuts his scooter off and walks inside still holding the food on his handle. The employee at the counter is staring off in to space with a blank facial expression. He wears a nametag that reads Friday. Once he notices Stevie, he quits day dreaming to greet him)
Friday: Hi, welcome to Barrel of Pets, where our store is the barrel and the pets are the fish inside of it; but we also sell other pets than fish. My name is Friday; if you need any help with anything just ask.
Stevie: Ummmm, thank you Friday. I’m just gonna have a look around.
Friday: Ok have fun.
(Stevie walked down one of the isles; noticing the fish in their tanks. Then he notices the mice, gerbils, rats and hamsters. He looks at them for a while thinking about possibly buying one. He now notices the rabbits in their cages and he continues to walk some more. Then he sees an animal that really catches his attention. There’s a glass container that reads, “Ferrets”; and below that there’s a sign in big red letters. Stevie quietly reads it out loud.)
(Stevie looks at all the ferrets in the glass container sleeping. He finally makes his decision to take one. He walks back up to the front counter and notices Friday engaged in a crossword puzzle.)
Stevie: Hello?
Friday: No. I need a six letter word.
Stevie: Uhhh, Friday, I have a question.
Friday: Oh, sorry man, yeah go ahead shoot.
Stevie: Yeah I think I want to purchase one your ferrets.
Friday: Oh great choice man. Ferrets are awesome; I love em, they’re like stretched out mice.
Stevie: Ok; but I actually have one problem though.
Friday: Ok, what’s that?
Stevie: Well you see, I really want a ferret, but I don’t think I want one for an extended amount of time. Like not for its entire lifespan. I just broke up with my girlfriend, and I kind of just want a buddy to keep me company for a while. All I have right now at home is my goldfish Johnny Cash; but I think I’d like another pet also. A ferret seems like a good pet; but only for a while. Is there any way I could buy one, and then maybe bring it back a little later or something?
Friday: You mean like rent it? Like rent the actual ferret?
Stevie: Yeah! Maybe I could rent it from you. Do you guys ever rent out pets to people?
Friday: No, we’ve never done that man. Who would want to rent an animal? That just doesn’t make any sense.
Stevie: Well could you?
(Friday looks at Stevie for a while thinking to himself)
Friday: Well I guess we could. I don’t see the harm in it. Sure we could, yeah man let’s do it! Go pick one of those things out!
Stevie: Alright, great! That sounds great!
Friday: Here let me help you find a good one.
(They both walk over to the ferret cages, looking inside. Stevie points to one)
Stevie: Ok how about that one right there?
Friday: No man, you don’t want that one.
Stevie: How come?
Friday: That one’s always up to something you know? He’s just always got something up his sleeve. Always trying to be a showoff you know? Like a rebel or something. Yeah he’s no good.
Stevie: Ok. What about that one?
Friday: Her?! Ha! No way dude you don’t want her.
Stevie: Why? Why not?!
Friday: She’s just really tricky you know; and her personality is all distorted. She doesn’t really understand the way the world works; don’t worry man I’ll find you a good one.
Stevie: Ok.
Friday: Uh oh!
Stevie: What?
Friday: I’m not completely sure, but I think we have a winner man.
Stevie: Alright! Which one is it?

(STAY TUNED FOR MORE Adventures of Stevie Hancock)

The Adventures of Stevie Hancock

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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