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Along came a spider... (Motion Monster #8)

By brookeduckart

2 of the legs broke apart in the process and there is a noticeable gap - Dang it! - but I don't have time to fix it tonight, and I want to get the daily monster up so...

Motion Monsters #8

Monster Constructed of: "along came a spider" (1044275) by sojushots

Background Footage:"Fire Sky Time Lapse" (78903) by MattConley

[UPDATE: I made a small series of "Motion Monsters" for a few days awhile back (this was one of them) to grow my After Effects experience and skills. Check out more of them here -  And please consider adding any reMIXes you make with these to the "Motion Monster reMIXes" collab here - ]

Along came a spider... (Motion Monster #8)

Created: Nov 20, 2012

Tags: shadow, creep, monster, animation, character, sky, spider, color, scary, sunset

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