Striving to Fail-Poem

By niecy_anime

poem I wrote.Song without music

Striving to earn a place on the wall of success
Doing good deeds so the important people will notice
Knowing that if I fail at their standards I'm thrown out like a leper
If I work my hardest I might be accepted I might be rewarded
I may be invited
I'm fighting a battle I'll never win if I give up myself to the pressure of sin
Acceptance from them only lasts for so long
My approval rating slipping
The sound of the gong signals my failure at being the best
Lord if I can only enter your rest
Take me as I am taking a different route
I've come to you now live in me from the inside out
My salvation can't be earned it was given to me
Because of your love I am set free
Now I realize good deeds have no ground so I'm making a sound
Cause your authority power and Grace abound
Jesus I'm not afraid to say your name and I know though my failures you'll love me the same.

Striving to Fail-Poem

Created: Apr 17, 2009

Tags: authority, striving

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