sneak peak concept/ dance video journal entry 1

By tastebest

The making of... Its time for me to put out a concept/dance video. Seems like everyone these days are putting one out. I'm not going to put one out just cause of the hype, or get attention. for 1. Just like every artist, let out their creative side, but 2. Most Importantly to send out a message of hope. I'm going to present a video that will intend to show people to "follow your dreams." so I've teamed up with a friend and were going to put together a team/film crew to produce this video that i've envisioned. Check out his stuff ( After investing in a legit camera recently, I am now pushing myself to finish this project. This camera is no joke. so the next few weeks we're going to post/document the process of putting our film together to market the final product. SO STAY POSTED, and subscribe song on this video: Man on the Moon - Kid Cudi blog: check out : and

sneak peak concept/ dance video journal entry 1

Created: Jul 19, 2010


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